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It's a sweet adventure full of gluten free goodies!

Candy Hearts Blog - It's a sweet adventure full of gluten free goodies!

2013 JDRF Children’s Congress: Day 1

You know you’re at an event for people with Type 1 Diabetes when…

All the sodas are diet.

Randomly standing in line at Starbucks, chatting it up with Crystal Bowersox

Performing the JDRF Promise Song with our old pal, Crystal…

Most of the video is boring stuff…you know…lining up, pictures, blah, blah, blah.
The action with Crystal starts around the 32:40 mark, and they run through the song twice.
Also, yes, I cried.
Meeting long-time bloggy friends…
Hallie and Sweets from The Princess and the Pump!!!

And wearing Miss America 1999‘s crown…

She even put on her glasses for a picture after I thanked her for taking the time to take part in the AMAZING VIDEO our friends organized for Sugar last year.

The day ended with a banquet dinner, and each delegate walked up on stage to introduce themselves. I was overcome with emotion, listening to each of their voices…each individual, each story, each journey.  I looked around the room and saw so many families who live with the same challenges and frustrations…but also the same joys and victories. 
Tonight I’m going to sleep with Addie’s picture beside me. She will never have a chance to attend a Children’s Congress session herself…
I will carry Addie’s memory in my heart forever.

No child should die of diabetes.

Stay up to date on the 2013 session of JDRF Children’s Congress by joining me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  You can also follow #JDRFcc13 on Twitter.  Be sure to tune into the *LIVE* town hall session on Tuesday (7/9/13) from 10am – 11am (EST) via the JDRF Advocacy YouTube Channel. Additionally, you can catch a special committee hearing on Wednesday, 7/10, at 2 pm.

Together we will change the world…let’s cure this thing!

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